Canadian choir performs concerts from their cars

"Honking is the new applause," ends their video

During the pandemic, singers in the Luminous Voices chamber choir in Calgary have been rehearsing and performing from the inside of their own cars. Their voices are broadcast through their vehicle's radio.


This "car choir" solution is one that college music professor David Newman — an accomplished baritone himself in Virginia — came up with so that ensembles could sing and "be" together.

"I saw on my Facebook feed was friends either bemoaning the fact that we couldn't sing together at all, or saying 'Singing together is too important and we just have to do it no matter what,' " Newman tells NPR. "And I thought, neither of those is a good answer."

Newman's method uses a few simple tools — microphones, a mixer and an FM transmitter.

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screenshot via Luminous Voices/YouTube