Pence was escorted to a safe room 1 minute before Trump rioters broke in to kidnap and hang him

Last week Trump insurrectionists set up a gallows with Pence's name on it and broke into the Capitol to find him and hang him.

In this interview with Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, we learn that just one minute before the insurrectionists got to the Senate floor, Secret Service had taken Pence to a nearby safe room.

From Leonnig's article in the Post:

Many of those in the mob had their sights on Pence — enraged that he had refused President Trump's demand that he head off the electoral college count that formalized President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

According to the FBI, one man who was charged this week with trespassing and disorderly conduct after making his way into the Senate chamber said in a YouTube video: "Once we found out Pence turned on us and that they had stolen the election, like, officially, the crowd went crazy. I mean, it became a mob."

At one point, a group of rioters began chanting, "Hang Mike Pence!" as they streamed into the main door on the east side of the Capitol.