Razer reveals concept for N95 mask with voice projection and mouth illumination

For the "all digital" CES, Razer was showing off their concept N95 mask, now with Chroma RGB LEDs! You've never looked so "cyberpunk now" battling the invisible corona-hordes and their anti-masker thralls.

Microphones and amplifiers embedded in the ventilators will project your voice through the mask, so you won't have to worry about sounding muffled. We haven't seen this in action yet or had the chance to try it out ourselves. Razer told us that it's working with THX sound engineers to find a balance in terms of how loud the speakers should be for accessibility purposes.

Razer asserts that Project Hazel is comfortable despite all of the tech inside. The mask makes a seal around your nose and chin with a silicon guard, and it uses adjustable ear loops so that most people should be able to find the right fit (though it is likely quite a bit heavier than your average mask).

Of course, this wouldn't be a modern Razer product if it didn't support Chroma RGB LEDs. Each of the respirator-meets-amplifier rings can glow in the color of your choosing. And when it gets dark, a set of LEDs activate automatically to shine light on your mouth so others can still see you talk. It's tough to tell just how effective these LEDs will be in fully illuminating your mouth, but they may be helpful nevertheless.

[H/t Laurie Fox]

Image: Razer promotional image