Artist makes gorgeous quilts while travelling in an Airstream

Laura Preston was a painter who, in 2013, set off on what was supposed to be a one-year trip with her partner, in an Airstream. She discovered that painting on the road was too cumbersome, so she switched to making quilts.

Years later, she's still traveling around, and has an Etsy shop full of her work. It's fantastic — there's a sort of modernist/digital chunky vibe going on that I really dig, and which is of course cyclical and original to quilting: Digital and modernist technique borrowed from the centuries-old aesthetics of quilting and stitching.

In this Etsy podcast, Preston talks about how a lot of her visual ideas come from being so frequently outdoors, and building quilting patterns based on things like sea- and skyscapes.

Go check out her store here! A few of my favorites; these photos all come Preston's shop …