Bell's brewery releases beer named after very Midwestern idiom

Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan tapped into a very Michigan thing, Michiganders say, to name their newest beer. No, it's not called party store (convenient store), 'jeet? (did you eat?) or doorwall (sliding glass door out to the patio)–all really embarrassing Michigan expressions, that I haven't entirely shaken since moving from Michigan to Chicago more than 20 years ago. It's this common Midwestern/Michigan polite-ism of epic wishy washy-ness: "No, Yeah".

Bell's, who puts out one of the top rated beers in the country, Two Hearted Ale, releases "No, Yeah" as a crisp golden ale with a manageable 4.5% alcohol by volume.

In case you're not familiar with the phrase "no, yeah" and how it would be used, it's one of those things that most people don't consciously realize they say. It's generally used in response to some kind of offer or statement.

"Would you like me to put your receipt in the bag?" "No, yeah, that'd be fine."

"…and this room comes with built-in shelves for storage." "No, yeah, this is great."

What purpose does "no, yeah" serve? It's an attempt at being polite and not burdening the other person too much, a little like how "of course" has become commonplace in the service industry in recent years. But it's also hedging your bets and not being 100% definitive for fear of being too forward.

"No, yeah's" step-sibling is "yeah, no" and is a whole 'nuther animal (I don't think "'nuther" is regional. I'm pretty sure a lot of us say this one). "Yeah, no" is the most assertive negative response you will get from a Midwesterner. "Yeah, no…" Translation: I follow what you're saying, but I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with that, if that's okay.

Other Midwestern eccentricities listed on the Bell's "No, Yeah" labeling that I absolutely identify with is "just gonna sneak by ya", "no, yeah, for sure" which is the full version, and the one I have not been able to eradicate from my speech, the dreaded "ope, 'scuse me" when bumping into or avoiding bumping into someone. God, I hate that one.