These 10 apps can help you make 2021 the year you learn a new language

Only 20% of American students learn a foreign language. While that's low, it ends up feeling downright pathetic when you consider that more than 9 out of 10 European students are schooled in at least one other tongue. 

Sure, there are so many languages in Europe that residents there have to learn a few to get by, but that doesn't excuse Americans not reaching out to learn more from the world around them.

You can open 2021 by being part of the solution with any of these 10 deals going on right now on language learning systems. With almost all of these offers at between 50 and 90% off their regular prices, now's the time to add a new skill to your roster of talents, as well as a new bullet point for your resume.

Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 – $14.99; originally $40

Earworms uses the same principle that gets a song stuck in your head to get a new language stuck in your head. Across 3 volumes of musical language-learning, users listen to music filled with rhythmic repetitions that help you subconsciously start picking up nouns, verbs, and connecting words in Spanish. With more than three hours of continuous audio, it's a quick way to pick it up.

uTalk Language Education: Lifetime Subscription (140+ Languages) – $99.99; originally $699

By listening to native speakers and verified translations, uTalk imparts real, practical vocabulary in more than 140 languages. With more than 30 million users worldwide, you can dive into up to 180 hours of learning in over 60 different topics on any device to help get you speaking fluently in another language.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $99.99; originally $2,199

Mondly is anything but that old boring high school language lab. Their system uses state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology to listen to your speaking and offer guidance to help you deliver in your new language more clearly and correctly. With Mondly, training in 33 different languages is available whenever you're ready to dive in.

Language Zen–Spanish Language Learning Program: Lifetime Subscription – $79; originally $500

With a system that detects a user's individual strengths and weaknesses to craft a truly personalized learning plan, Language Zen has been proven to get users speaking Spanish twice as effectively as Rosetta Stone. In fact, they say they'll cram an entire semester of a college-level Spanish course into just 25 hours of training.

Beelinguapp Language Learning App: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99; originally $100

Chosen as one of the top five language learning apps in the Google Play Store, Beelinguapp uses reading comprehension to help make a language stick. Using audiobook tactics, users get the same text side-by-side in different languages to help new words and phrases in a new language become clear. 

QLango Language Games: Lifetime Subscription – $44.99; originally $90

QLango is the next step in the gamification of language learning. Through playing an assortment of interactive games like Unscramble and multiple choice questions, you can learn bits and pieces of more than 30 different languages at the same time by writing, reading, listening, and revising.

Lirica Premium Language Learning App: Lifetime Subscription – $49.99; originally $149

If you've ever thought you might be able to learn Spanish by listening to Latin singers like Enrique Iglesias, Lirica agrees. This Google "hidden gem" pick uses popular songs as the basis for language learning lessons, as users start translating to understand song lyrics to help ultimately master the language.

Memrise Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription – $99.99; originally $139

Through real-life words and phrases, naturally-voiced audio and video clips, and no strict grammar rules, Memrise wants to teach you a foreign language the way you likely learned English – naturally. With their 3-step approach, users listen and learn from real locals as they get a grasp on a new language in real-world context. 

Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $179; originally $399

Driven by 10- to 15-minute bite-sized lessons that fit easily into your daily schedule, Babbel says they can have you speaking confidently about real-world topics like dining, shopping, and transportation in a single month. Developed by a team of more than 100 linguistic experts, Babbel is the world's #1 language learning app, with more than 10,000 hours of instruction in up to 14 different languages.

Speakly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $69.99; originally $399

Combining science and computational algorithms, Speakly gets you speaking in a language like Russian, Spanish, or others quickly by targeting the words you're most likely to use most often. Armed with the 4,000 most statistically relevant words in your preferred language, you'll have the tools to start forming conversations and practice your new language in real-world situations.

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