This wooden chess, checkers, and backgammon set will definitely class up your game night

Thanks to Netflix's wildly popular series, The Queen's Gambit, chess, a game invented about 1,500 years ago, is surging back into public consciousness. But while the Game of Kings may be riding a wave of increased awareness right now, it is, by no means, the only game that has survived the test of time into our modern age.

But c'mon. Let's call playing a centuries-old contest like chess, checkers, or backgammon using cheap plastic pieces on a cardboard game board what it is. It's borderline sacrilege.

If you want to play chess, do it right with a quality game set like this 3-in-1 folding wooden chess set.

Whether playing with a novice or a grandmaster, this well-crafted, solid wood game board and pieces are a mark of real class, a stylish, yet inexpensive, game set that's a huge step up from anemic, mass-produced plastic collections.

The board itself is foldable, with each side of this 9.5-inch game surface designed to suit your particular game of choice. On the chequered side, you're ready to square up for a stately battle of chess wits, or you can aim a little more low-key and play a fun game of checkers.

Of course, if you flip the board over, you've got the instantly recognizable triangular points arrangement to set up for a stimulating round of backgammon. 

You obviously can't play without pieces, so the set comes with everything you need, including a full 32-count assortment of chess pieces in light and dark wood colors; as well a 30-tile collection of similarly shaded circular pieces for checkers and backgammon.

Then, once you're finished playing, the whole set folds together into a compact wooden box to hold all your pieces until it's time for a rematch. If you've got some kids who can't get their heads out of video games, the sharp, elaborate strategy necessary to master these games might just pull them out of their digital world for a while.

Regularly $24, this 3-in-1 Folding Wooden Chess Set is now available at $5 off, only $18.95 while this offer lasts.

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