Bill Burr explains why Boston exists in the STAR WARS universe and why you're an idiot for asking

Mayfield, Bill Burr's recurring character on The Mandalorian, is an ex-stormtrooper-turned-mercenary with a heart of gold. Based on the character's accent, he is also inexplicably from the Boston area—an eyebrow-raising detail, considering the story's setting a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Fortunately, Bill Burr explained this curious character choice in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon:

"I've never heard a Boston accent in outer space," is what they say. And I always go, "What about English? Isn't that a little weird? If you went to a galaxy far, far away and you get off and someone's like "Hey how's it going?" and you totally understand them? What about the fact that Han Solo's talkin' to a Bigfoot? He's speaking Bigfoot, Han Solo's speaking English. They never break character, but one keeps going… [Wookie noises] and he's like "I said hit the button Chewie!" And none of that! That's all fine! How about C-3PO with an English accent — that was okay? The guy's been knighted, he just played Royal Albert Hall, now he's hanging out with Lynyrd Skynyrd Luke Skywalker?

He's got a point. He's also got a great Boston-inspired custom action figure.