Capitol rioters lured and reported to FBI by women on dating app Bumble

Many women on the dating app Bumble saw an opportunity to flush out into the open some of the looking-for-dates MAGA bro's involved in the insurrection on the Capitol in Washington, D. C. by posing as conservatives. The women encourage the insurrectionists to brag and send them photos of themselves attending the Capitol siege.

via The Sun UK:

"Swiping through dating apps to see if any guys have pictures of them at the capitol so I can send it to the FBI. It's my civic duty," wrote one user.

"I'm changing my preferences from "liberal" to "conservative" on my dating apps and reporting anyone who brags about storming to capitol to the FBI," wrote another.

This then led Bumble to remove its political affiliation option on its platform.

Bumble has since removed the political affiliation option

I understand social media trying to control hate speech and spreading disinformation and I agree with that, but as it keeps banning certain political behavior, some of the dangerous subversives will cling to the shadows and find new ways to communicate and plan and be harder to track. I suppose it's a difficult balance to find.