Enjoy this thrilling 1960s kids' show, Diver Dan

Diver Dan was a live-action kids' show which I remember watching as a tot. It was aired in short cliff-hanger segments of about seven minutes. I saw it either on the Denver-produced version of The Bozo Show or Blinky's Fun Club.

Notable things about Diver Dan:

  • It was shot through an aquarium so you could see real (and blurry) fish and air bubbles which gave the illusion of the sets being underwater.
  • The fish characters were marionettes who spoke English to Dan, even though they were underwater. The character design was great. I especially liked the evil Baron Barracuda's sidekick Trigger, a triggerfish with a cigarette dangling from his lower lip. That was a source of endless fascination: How could you smoke underwater? And how did the cigarette stay on Trigger's lip?
  • Those were the only two notable things I could recall about the show so I had to go to the Wikipedia page to find a third one. Here it is: The guy who played Diver Dan "sold the first car cell phone in NYC for $20,000."

[Via r/ObscureMedia]