Please please please let me get what I want from this Smiths-themed Indian restaurant

Last year — shortly before the pandemic began in earnest — a new vegan-friendly Indian restaurant opened in Manchester, England. That's not particularly remarkable (although I suppose it is remarkable that they've managed to survive for a year).

No, what's remarkable about This Charming Naan is the fact that its menu is comprised almost entirely of puns about the band The Smiths (with a little Joy Division added in for good measure).

Whatever you might think of Morrissey these days, you have to admit that "Girlfriend in a Korma" is pretty brilliant…

…but not as good as "Heaven Knows I'm Masala Now."

Alas, I don't live in Manchester, let alone any part of Britain. But if anyone wants to order takeout and report back on the Vada in a Tutu, please do!

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Image: Public Domain via Pexels