This infrared thermometer is a must-have in any home these days

In another time, the old school mercury thermometer worked…and it was fine. That, however, is so last-century. Now, the stakes have been raised – and if any member of your household is under the weather, you'll want to know as soon as possible exactly what you're dealing with.

Using glass thermometers from 100 years ago is like using Blackberry to handle your scheduling. It's old news. You can step up to the elite methods of medical professionals today with a device like the ReliefCare Infrared Dual-Mode Thermometer.

From the very young to the very old, the ReliefCare thermometer is the quick, non-invasive way to check a temperature in seconds. The dual-mode functionality lets you register a temperature with either a quick touch to the forehead, or by placing the sensor probe right inside the ear. And, unlike old thermometers, it even works when your patient is asleep and resting up.

With the backlit LCD display, you also get your results immediately. Normal temps up to around 99.5°F get a green light, a mild fever up to 100.22°F triggers a yellow light, and a high reading up over 100.4°F gets the red. Any readings above the normal range also triggers short beeps to get your attention, which can also be turned off if you want. And, if you're fond of Celsius, it reads in the centigrade scale as well.

If you find you can't remember the temperature the last time you checked, the ReliefCare stores the last 25 recorded readings, so you can always check back and see.

Of course, all that fine calibration doesn't just have to be used for medical purposes. The ReliefCare is also a handy tool for judging any temperatures, from the ambient temperature of a room, to the liquid in a bottle, to whether your food or bath water are warm enough.

FDA and CE approved, the ReliefCare Infrared Dual Mode Thermometer is a hit on Amazon, registering a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from more than 700 reviews. With this deal, you can save 30% off the regular price, at just $20.99 while the offer lasts.

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