Architecture firm creates colorful domed buildings in Hormuz

Behold "Presence in Hormuz", a collection of colorful domed building made of rammed earth, designed by the Iranian architecture firm Zav Architects.

It's a really mesmerizing project; some of my favorite pictures are reproduced below, with Zav's permission.

As the architects describe the project to Design Boom:

ZAV explains that the project is a continuous process that aims to build trust rather than architectural objects. the scheme comprises a multitude of small-scale domes built with the 'superadobe' technique developed by iranian-born architect nader khalili. the small scale of the domes makes them compatible with the building capabilities of local craftsmen and unskilled workers. 'today they are trained master superadobe masons, as if nader khalili multiplied exponentially,' says the design team.

the colorful nature of the project references the topography of hormuz island. 'in this project a carpet is woven with granular knots inspired by the particles that make up the ecotone of the island,' ZAV continues. 'the sandbags that create the spatial particles (aka domes) are filled with the dredging sand of the hormuz dock, as if the earth has swollen to produce space for accommodation.'