Caviar picks up where Vertu left off

Vertu is dead but its design sensibility—rudimentary yet garish, expensive yet cheesy—lives on. Behold for example Caviar's magnificent iPhone cases.

You can even have it cased so there's no camera anymore. These "Stealth" or "Stealth Gold" outfits start at $5220. Or you can just make yourself the case of your dreams, choosing the trim and design.

Extruded logos on offer include all the top corpos and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. You can see my FSB-phone below, as crafted with Caviar's customization widget. The drop-down also offered the emblem of Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs, so I included that for good measure.

"Approximate cost of selected services and works — 4601 $"

I've saved the best for last. Check out the Apple 1 model, which I suspect is not officially licensed.

"C O M P U T E R"