Cory Doctorow investigated by FBI

Cory was investigated by the FBI over a post on his new blog Pluralistic. The post, of course, is just a link to an article with a summary and some commentary—a surprisingly common target for legal action of one kind or another. As soon as they realized Cory was media-literate and had legal representation, they backed off.

The agent, to his credit, was pleasant and reasonable. But I'm mystified by the complaint – my guess is some troll has figured out that you can sic the FBI on people you disagree with on the internet – and even more by the fact that the FBI acted on it.

They must have the discretion to decide when a complaint rises to the level of using a special agent's time and when it should go in the kook folder. Seems to me that filing complaints about my post in the kook folder should have been a no-brainer.

I'm looking into using FOIA and the 1974 Privacy Act to find out what kind of file this generated, and to have that record expunged.