D&D's new Candlekeep Mysteries includes the first quest for adventurers in wheelchairs

Candlekeep Mysteries is an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons book featuring 17 new one-shot adventures, designed to be started and finished in a single 2-4 hour gaming session. Each of the quests begins with the discovery of a book that launches a mystery, and each one is written by a different creator or story designer, many of whom are working with Wizards of the Coast for the first time.

One of those creators is Jennifer Kretchmer, and actor and producer recently created a sprawling GoogleDoc of Accessibility in Gaming Resources. As she told Polygon:

This is not something that's new to tabletop gaming, or new to D&D, but it was important to me to make accessibility part of my dungeons. As an ambulatory wheelchair user, I wanted people to have the opportunity to see themselves represented in-game. We have the ability in fantasy to imagine things. We don't have to pay to make those accommodations. This is something we can imagine in our brains, and it's there. So it's something that was really important to me to put in, into my design.

Given the opportunity to create an official Dungeons & Dragons quest, Kretchmer was of course committed to including accessibility options in that classic fantasy world (where, ironically, prosthetic limbs are often used as badassery, with no actual consideration for the disability component).

Candlekeep Mysteries is out March 16.

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