I prefer my Withings Body+ scale over an old FitBit Aria

In the world of connected devices, I now have a Withings Body+ scale.

I had a FitBit Aria scale, I got it when they were new and honestly it hated connecting to the internet. In both the home's I've had for the last 10+ years, the scale was always situated someplace odd. In the entryway to one, and next to my desk in another.

The Withings Body+ Smart Scale instantly and easily connected to the internet. After my first weigh-in, it was apparent the Withings also provides a lot more speculative data than the Fitbit.

Ye olde Fitbit provided me with a weight measurement and a Body Mass Index (BMI) guess. Differences in my hydration would cause some pretty wild swings on the BMI meter, as it is doing some sort of foot up conductivity thing.

The Withings does the same thing but provides many more guesses around my body composition and fitness. The percentages of my mass contributed by bone, fat, water, and muscle in addition to my weight, BMI, and the weather.

All of this data is easily sync's to Apple Health, where all my various sources of fitness data end-up; exercise bike, watch, scale, calories, sleep, and I was surprised to see something is tracking my water drinking (inaccurately.)

I tried the two scales side-by-side for a few days, just to see how they tracked. The Withings says I am .2 lbs lighter than the Aria, so I applaud advanced technology.

As I had them side-by-side, however, the Withings is now sitting in my office. I will go place it in the bathroom, I no longer need to stand naked next to my desk every few days.

I will do it for fun.

Withings Body+ – Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app via Amazon