It's a desk lamp, a night light, and a gorgeous art piece – all wrapped up in one

When you buy an item to perform a task you need done, but there's such beauty to it that you'd gladly display it even if it did nothing at all, you know you've hit a sweet spot.

The Tree of Lyte Motion Sensor Bird Night Light Tree and Illuminated Eggs by Lift Care absolutely fits into that category.

Just as a sweet minimalist sculpture, this foot-high wooden and LED light design, featuring a tree, a pair of magpies, and two illuminated eggs would make a cute, simplistic, yet classic addition to any room decor. 

Of course, this work is more than just a pretty face. The wooden tree serves as a magnetic charger, lighting the two birds, as well as the eggs, through the fully integrated charging system. That means each of the four pieces serve as independent light sources when separated, or can be left together to serve as an elegant night light or desk lamp.

And, there's no need to worry about switching the Tree of Lyte on or off either. The birds and eggs feature sensors that light each piece up when someone approaches. Each element also turns itself off when there's no motion detected, which saves on energy while the room always enjoys illumination. 

With each piece engineered to function away from the tree base, you can actually use the birds and eggs as your own handheld mini-torches, lighting the way through the room if you don't want to turn on an overhead light. Tap 'em once to turn them on, then tap them twice to shut them off. Each can remain lit for up to two hours before it needs to return to the tree for recharging.

You can even use the wood base as a sort of storage dish with enough room to stash your keys, phone, wallet, coins, and more. Or, just let the entire piece sit as its own entrancing art object you can enjoy.

Regularly $69, The Tree of Lyte Motion Sensor Bird Night Light Tree and Illuminated Eggs are now on sale at 20% off, cutting your price down to just $54.99.

Prices subject to change.