These 10 deals can teach you an instrument and get you started recording music your way

and Drums Master Class Bundle – $59.99; originally $1,791

You've gotta walk before you can run…which is why these instrument lesson packages are the perfect starting point for any budding musician. For ax men and women, The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle includes almost 60 hours of training in learning the guitar, proper technique, how to strum and play songs by ear, and even how to tackle a handful of different styles, including bluegrass, jazz, and the blues.

Learn to Play Piano spends over 27 hours on the keys, including training in the popular Pianoforall method, a new approach to learning how to eventually tingle the ivories like a pro. On your way, there's also insightful training in how to understand chords, arrangements, and music composition so you can start creating your own works.

And, since one instrument doesn't make a band, you can instead learn how to be a one-man band with training in guitar and piano, as well as the drums. This master class bundle features over 80 hours of instruction that can guide dedicated students from beginner status to true expert-level musician on instruments that make up the backbone of any band.

Jamstik Guitar Trainer – $199; originally $229

Jamstik offers a different approach to picking up the guitar. At just over 18 inches long, you can plug in headphones, fire up the Jamstik app, and follow their guided finger training on a tactile board with spring loaded strings for the realistic feel of actually playing.

LyxPro 39" Electric Guitar with 20W Amp Kit – $159.99; originally $249

Of course, sometimes there's no substitute for the real thing. That's why this full-sized electric guitar with all the necessary accessories, including a 20-watt amp, are perfect to launch any deep dive into guitar godhood. Crafted for both beginners and advanced players, it also comes with a digital clip-on tuner so your guitar remains perfectly tuned at all times.

61-Key Electronic Keyboard with Microphone – $54.95; originally $66

For toddlers and young kids, here's a keyboard that's ready to impart some serious musical knowledge – even though it's a toy. This electric piano keyboard includes programming and recording functionality to play six different demo songs, 8 kinds of combat music, 16 kinds of sound and 10 kinds of rhythm. Plus, it's got a microphone port for a musically inclined kid to grab the mic and belt out a tune.

Portable Electronic Drum Set – $149.95; originally $199

Senstroke by Redison Bluetooth Drum Kit and App Bundle – $189.95; originally $200

Before you freak out…drums don't have to mean the end to a mostly calm and quiet home. The Portable Electronic Drum Set from Kinkoo can get any young drummer started, featuring nine silicon drum pads simulating tom, snare, and bass drums, hi-hats, cymbals and more. With demo songs, accompaniment rhythms, and 15 different levels of playing speed, this can help bring drumming home without the need for a massive drum kit filling your house.

Or, maybe just go with the Senstroke by Redison Bluetooth Drum Kit and App Bundle and turn virtually everything into a drum. With sensors strapped to each drumstick, this system turns almost any surface into a drumhead, so students can practice up by playing on cushions, tables, books, or even their own legs. 

The Premium DJing and Music Production Bootcamp ft. Ableton and Logic Pro X – $49.99; originally $1,791

The Music Marketing Master Class Bundle – $34.99; originally $1,393

For those who aren't content just playing music, The Premium DJing and Music Production Bootcamp explains how to actually produce and record your own tracks. Whether you want to use Ableton or Logic Pro X as your digital audio workstation of choice, this bundle features 56 hours of comprehensive training in how to write songs, create, and then distribute your music using the same software the pros use.

Finally, The Music Marketing Master Class Bundle also explores production techniques and music theory. But this seven-course, 22-hour collection also gets into the business side of the music industry, with pointers on how the industry operates, how to find an audience, how to distribute your music through outlets like Spotify and Apple Music, and more.

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