This may be the largest creature in history

Paleontologists working in Argentina's Neuquén Province have uncovered the fossilized remains of one of the largest creatures ever to have lived on Earth. Based on the vertebrae and appendicular bones they found, the scientists estimate that the 98 million-year-old titanosaur, a kind of sauropod dinosaur, was likely more than 120 feet long and may have weighed more than 100 tons. "One of the largest sauropods ever found," according to the researchers, this animal may be even larger than a Patagotitan dinosaur (illustrated above), a genus of titanosaurian sauropod formerly described as the the biggest known animal to have walked on Earth. From CNN:

"It is a huge dinosaur, but we expect to find much more of the skeleton in future field trips, so we'll have the possibility to address with confidence how really big it was," Alejandro Otero, a paleontologist with Argentina's Museo de La Plata, told CNN via email.

Titanosaur fossils have been found on all continents except Antarctica. But the biggest "multi-ton" varieties of the species — including those titanosaurs exceeding 40 tons — have mostly been discovered in Patagonia.

"Report of a giant titanosaur sauropod from the Upper Cretaceous of Neuquén Province, Argentina" (Cretaceous Research)

image: Argentina's Museo de La Plata

top image: Patagotitan mayorum by Mariolanzas (CC BY-SA 4.0)