UCLA study says 70% reduction in risk for those who always wear a facemask

A UCLA study, again, shows facemasks are a fantastic tool in our global battle against COVID-19.


The researchers came to a variety of conclusions, including:

Face masks were 79% effective in preventing transmission, if they were used by all household members prior to symptoms occurring.

The use of masks was strongly protective, with a risk reduction of 70% for those that always wore a mask when going out.

Transmission was 7.5 times higher in countries that did not have a mask mandate.

The difference between U.S. states with mask mandates and those without found that the daily growth rate was 2 percentage points lower in states with mask mandates, estimating that the mandates had prevented 230,00 to 450,000 COVID-19 cases by last May 22.

Face masks have a large reduction effect on infections and fatalities, with a potential impact on U.S. GDP of $1 trillion if a nationwide mask mandate were implemented.

The marginal benefit per cloth mask worn to be in the range from $3,000 to $6,000.

Image: Depositphotos