I found a great rechargeable whisk to mix coffee drinks

Lately, I've been making drinks with lion's mane mushroom powder, cinnamon, espresso, and oat milk. The battery-powered frother we had wasn't strong enough to mix the powder into the oat milk. I did a bit of research and bought this USB rechargeable handheld mixer/frother. It has two different whisk heads (big and little) and three-speed settings.

The first time I used it, I turned it up to full power, which was too strong. It turned the entire drink into foam and the foam didn't turn back into liquid even after 10 minutes. I dumped it down the drain and tried again on the lowest setting, which turned out to be perfect. My wife and daughter even use it to mix tahini and almond butter into their drinks and it doesn't make the motor seize. I'm glad I got this.