The entire STAR WARS saga, edited down to just memes

The original Star Wars was famously imagined as modern mythology—taking these established tropes of other genres and applying them to a space opera. In a way, the idea of "tropes" is similar to the original definition of a meme as defined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene, which was first published just a year before A New Hope was originally released. Dawkins defined a meme as the idea-equivalent of a gene—a piece of information, passed down by thought and mutated over time. These viral ideas, he suggested, form the building blocks of culture, just as genes form the building blocks of bodies.

In fitting with that definition, the word "meme" has since been passed down and mutated over time, until it now represents shorthand communication through silly Internet hieroglyphs.

So what happens when we strip Star Wars—that epic medley of storytelling tropes, in the original definition of memes—down to its essential meme-ness, in the modern definition of the word? Does the story still exist? Does it still hold any inherent meaning, with no connective tissue but the contextless cultural signifiers we've seen used and abused on the Internet?

Probably not, but it's an entertaining thing to watch for 25 minutes.

Image: Don't Be Silent / Sketchport (CC BY 4.0)