These blue-light-blocking glasses are here to protect your eyes from the screens you look at all day long

Add another piece of bad news to COVID's destructive fallout: it might be further wrecking your eyesight.

With so many of us working from home, the time many now spent in front of a screen is on a drastic rise, now reaching up to 13 hours a day or more. All those device screens just create more exposure to blue light coming off those devices, rays that a Harvard Medical School paper claims can cause macular degeneration, eyestrain, dryness, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and even sleep disorders and migraines.

Thankfully, you can protect yourself from blue light with a handful of blue-light-blocking glasses and other accessories, all on sale now at up to 52% off their regular prices.

Swanwick Crystal Day Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $89.99; originally $109

Swanwick Classic Night Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $49.99; originally $69

Swanwick Crystal Night Swannies: Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $74.99; originally $89

Swanwick has a wide range of blue-light-blocking eyewear, each packing CR-39 lenses with anti-reflective coating so you see clearly while getting needed protection from blue light effects. The Day Swannies are meant to be worn during the day, with lenses that allow enough healthy blue light in to keep your body in sync. 

Meanwhile, their Night Swannies provide coverage for full nighttime protection. By wearing Night Swannies for just an hour or two before you go to bed, shielding yourself from exposure to the blue light from the TV or screens, users can expect a sounder, more restful sleep. Customers can choose from the Wayfarer-esque Classic Night Swannies style or try the more fashion-forward Crystal Night Swannies in smokey quartz, sapphire, or diamond varieties.

Unisex Blue Light UV Blocking Glasses – $55.99; originally $69

Utilizing special US substrate processing technology, these glasses protect your eyes from UV radiation and block harmful UV400. And, even though these specs from Mavigadget have a yellowish tint to the lens, they'll never impact the colors you see on your screen, with everything shining through with the same clarity and visual snap as without the glasses. 

Ananke Anti-Blue Light Glasses – $29.95; originally $40

Atlas Anti-Blue Light Glasses – $44.95; originally $70

Titan Anti-Blue Light Glasses – $29.95; originally $40

Just because you're wearing blue-blocking glasses doesn't mean you have to look like a dork. Marsquest has come up with a handful of attractive eyeglass frame styles so you can find a pair that matches with your personal aesthetic while still enjoying all the necessary protections from screens and their insidious blue light. 

Whether you go with the rounded-eye look of the Ananke style…

…the carefree adventurous spirit of the aviator-esque Atlas style…

…or the more studious, down-to-earth Titan look, each pair features impact-resistant lenses that are 10 times more durable than other materials, but the polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection as well as 35% blue-light-blocking capabilities.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPad – $35.99; originally $46

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone, Samsung – $29.99; originally $63

Whether you're spending hours scrolling through your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or going through apps on your iPad, the Ocushield stands ready. The world's first and only medically rated blue light screen-blocker, this super-strong tempered glass protector with a scratch-resistant oleophobic coating shields your eyes from up to 90% of harmful blue light emissions.

Choose a version that fits your specific iPhone or Android phone, or iPad, as it staves off headaches, eye irritation fatigue, and even disrupted sleep from blue light. 

Prices subject to change.