These Star Trek smart key organizers are as brilliant as Data and as logical as Spock

Sometimes, you run across an item that's so functional and necessary that you've gotta have it. Other times, you find something that's so wonderfully geeky that you've gotta have it. The sweet spot is when you can find something that scratches both of those distinct itches.

These Star Trek edition KeySmart Pro Key Organizers with Tile Smart Location fall squarely into that Venn diagram of awesomeness.

The KeySmart Pro has been called the world's smartest key organizer – and with good reason. 

Rather than dealing with a jangle of keys constantly poking and jabbing their way around in your pocket, the KeySmart Pro gets your key situation in order immediately. This stainless steel sleeve houses up to 14 keys in a compact, lightweight profile that's as ruthlessly efficient as a Klingon mating ritual.

As neat and tidy a package as that creates, its value skyrockets, thanks to the Tile smart location system that's housed inside. When your KeySmart Pro is synced to the free Tile app on your phone, it serves as a homing beacon for your keys at all times. 

If you forgot where you put your keys, the Tile app can make the KeySmart play a tune to locate them. If you lost your keys during your daily travels, Tile can lock onto them on a map and show you right where to go to bring them home. There's no built-in transporter function to bring them back to you instantly, but it's the next best thing, considering 21st century technology.

With a press of a button on the KeySmart Pro, that method also works in reverse, sounding a signal to pinpoint a lost phone. It's even got a tiny LED flashlight in there to help you spot a keyhole late at night, as well as a bottle opener for cracking open a fresh synthehol, Kanar, bloodwine, or even a tasty batch of Tranya.

Best of all, the KeySmart Pro is designed with Starfleet logo and appropriate far-future color schemes, with a black multi-speckled model representing the original Star Trek, and a red multi-colored version for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Each is also emblazoned as property of its respected vessel, either the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 or the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701- D.

Get either version of the KeySmart Pro Key Organizer now at almost $10 off its regular price, for just $49.99. Live long and prosper, Trekkers.

Prices subject to change.