This retro Space Alien Organ Trader game is awesome 8-bit gallows humor

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator is a new 8-bit style video game on Steam that, well, is exactly like the title says:

Everyone has them, and everyone wants them. You are an Organ Trader, the funnel for fleshy meat parts into a strange, evolving, and desperate universe full of clients.

Contend with the cutthroat organ market. Trade viscera with dubious figures. Create and download new content using an accessible slate of modding capabilities. Keep vampire-leech organs from devouring the rest of the goods inside your cargo hold. Flood galaxies with meat. Make a profit.

The retro aesthetic is clearly part of the gallows humor gag of the whole thing—and if you have a similar sense of humor to me, it works perfectly. As the creators say: "Dive into the quivering innards of alien capitalism!"

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator [Steam]