With 18 courses and over 460 hours of training, this is the CompTIA certification bundle you've been waiting for

With so many different protocols, competing frameworks, and differences of opinion floating around, it's often tough for the text industry to come together and agree on virtually anything.

However, time and circumstance can occasionally come together to codify a certain app, tool, or technique as the one true way to get things done.

When it comes to online IT training, CompTIA is the way. Globally recognized, this nonprofit association has developed a gold standard system for assessing information technology skills. CompTIA certification has become business shorthand for someone who knows what they're doing. And, with the training in The Complete 2021 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle, learners can put themselves on the right track.

This staggering collection of 18 courses, backed with over 460 hours worth of training, is one of the biggest instruction packages of CompTIA training ever offered. For those ready to prove what they know about IT networking, security, cloud operations, and more, this collection is a fast-track to an armload of certifications that can get you hired almost anywhere.

It all starts with CompTIA A+ Core 2019 (220-1001/220-1002) training, which is a rich starting point from which to launch into many different IT jobs and roles, and validates all of your baseline skills.

A pair of CompTIA Network courses make sure you have essential knowledge and skills to design, start, and troubleshoot a functional network. Meanwhile, a collection of CompTIA Security courses delve into how to monitor and secure those networks, including developing your own penetration testing skills and advancing up to CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification. 

There's also coursework in CompTIA Server+, which validates whether a learner can plan, secure, and maintain a variety of server equipment. There's CompTIA Cloud+ training, covering the always growing skill-set needed to keep a cloud-based system running smoothly.

There's also Linux training, coursework in understanding how blockchaining works, and CompTIA Project+ training, where students gain the knowledge and skills to assist in planning and managing small-to-medium-sized projects, both in and out of IT. 

The Complete 2021 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle is a $5,200 package, but right now, it's available for less than $4 per course, at just $69.99.

Prices subject to change.