Cost of cleaning up White House after Trump departure: $127,000

Cleaning up the White House after Donald Trump and Melania Trump moved out cost taxpayers about $127,000. No, this doesn't include biohazard remediation, or surveillance bug sweeps.

The White House has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors and 28 fireplaces, and Newsweek reports more on the cleanup task that happened before Joe and Jill Biden moved in:

The colossal operation began after Trump's staff packed up and before the arrival of Joe and Jill Biden. It cost at least $127,000, according to government contract data seen by Newsweek. Didlake, a Virginia cleaning company that employs people with disabilities, was awarded a $127,000 contract for "2021 Inaugural Cleaning" in a deal authorized by the General Services Administration.

According to CNN, the total cost of the deep clean could have hit $500,000. The news outlet cites separate contracts, including another to Didlake for "disinfectant misting services due to COVID at the White House." That deal is worth about $29,000. Other contracts, not specifically listed as connected to the Bidens' arrival, included $44,000 on carpet cleaning, $115,000 on replacement flooring and $30,000 on curtain cleaning, CNN reported.

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