Whether you have a PS5, an Xbox Series X, or a Switch, this sale can help elevate your game

So, with the heightened holiday frenzy to land a next generation video gaming console for under the tree, who topped the sales charts in December: Microsoft's Xbox Series X or Sony's PlayStation 5?

It's a trick question…because the real answer is the same answer that's dominated game system sales since 2017: the Nintendo Switch. As more Xboxes and PS5s become available in 2021, those numbers are likely to change, but it's a good bet all three systems will remain hot sellers for the next few years to come.  

With that in mind, check out this assortment of cool Switch, Xbox, and PS5 accessories, all available now at savings of up to 60% off. No matter which platform you play, there's always going to be a need for fresh gear.

Nintendo Switch

Crystal Case for Nintendo Switch Lite – $8.99; originally $11

Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch Lite – $9.99; originally $14

Sometimes, all you need is a little extra protection against the ravages of the world – and both of these cases serve up that added peace of mind. Whether you go with the clear plastic crystal case or the rubbery silicone model, both offer additional security from minor nicks and blemishes all the way up to major tumbles. Both cases never get in the way of accessing buttons or other system functions – and both models come in a handful of cool colors to match your distinct gaming vibe.

Protective TPU Case for Nintendo Switch Console – $11.99; originally $14

Meanwhile, TPU is a bridge between rubber and plastic – and it takes your protection abilities up a notch over those other materials. So, this Switch console sleeve also stands ready to safeguard your machine if the action should inadvertently drive your Switch right out of your safe clutches.

2-in-1 Protective Case with Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite – $14.99; originally $19

Drops are the mortal enemy of the Switch. Yet, this 2-in-1 protective case is designed with shock-absorbent, flexible TPU covering to not only help it stave off the everyday bumps, scratches, dust, and fingerprints, but also to help secure your unit during an even more substantial fall. There are also a pair of card slots to stash a couple extra game cards for later.

Nintendo Switch Lite 8000mAh Portable Charging Case with Stand – $29.99; originally $39

If you're going to case up your Switch, it might as well help with your power supply, too, which is where the built-in 8000mAh rechargeable battery in this case really comes in handy. Not only is it easy to use, lightweight and durable, this case also serves up an extra 10 hours of power, protects the unit from short circuits or overcurrent, and even has a kickstand to go hands-free.

Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case – $40.95; originally $60

With a 10,00mAh power reserve via the integrated USB-C PD port, this case can literally double your playtime. The high-density shell is ample protection from minor falls, while the on-board Quickchip chipset provides a steady power flow while protecting against calamities like overcharging.

4-in-1 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock – $17.99; originally $24

If your Switch is going to be powered up and ready at a moment's notice, your Joy-Con controllers need to be just as prepared. This dock can charge up to 4 Joy-Cons at a time, each with their own LED indicator lights to let you know about their up-to-the-minute charging status.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for Nintendo Switch – $42.99; originally $49

All game systems benefit from multi-player gaming – and the Switch is no exception. This adapter helps make that possible with the world's first Bluetooth for the console that can connect headphones and a smartphone at the same time. It lets you stream and mix audio from the game on the Switch as well as voice chat from the Switch app, so you can play, listen, and talk to other gamers all at once.

Xbox Series X

XBox Series X Silicone Controller Cover – $14.99; originally $24

Made of high-grade silicone, this controller cover improves your in-game accuracy, thanks to an ergonomic design and different color styles that give your controller an edgy and sleek look. Sure, the anti-slip grip is great, but the multiple color options will make your controllers really stand out.

XBox Series X Dual Station Charging Dock – $26.99; originally $59

Dead controllers are never acceptable, which is why this wireless charging dock with built-in connectors is a must-have. Specifically designed for XBox Series X controllers, just pop in either one or two controllers, and once fully charged, you'll have up to 20 hours of gameplay, ready to go. Tight, compact, and no wires – win-win.

PlayStation 5

PS5 Silicone Controller Cover – $14.99; originally $24

PS5 Clear Controller Case – $18.99; originally $39

Again, you get the option for the type of controller covering that is most comfortable for you. You can choose from the more malleable high-grade silicone cover with the non-slip grip; or the premium quality PC hard shell of the clear controller case that protects from wear-and-tear, while also enhancing your gaming experience. While both come in several colors, the camouflage patterns on the silicone covers might just be the tipping point for you COD-heads.

PS5 DualSense Controller USB-C Charging Dock – $19.95; originally $49

In less than two hours, this dock fast charges your depleted PS5 controllers back to full strength. Designed and optimized for PS5 controllers, you can power up two at a time, with a full complement of overcharging and overheating protections. It even fits with the cool black and white color scheme of the PS5.

Not only does the dock charge up your PS5 controllers, it's also got cooler fans to keep your PS5 from overheating during even the most intense sessions. This vertical stand even has a pair of USB hubs and a USB port that allows for a fast charge, as well as quick data transferring, too. And, by keeping your PS5 upright, you also save on that always-needed floor space.

PS5 DeUHD Cooling Dock and CD Storage – $43.95; originally $59

In addition to space for powering up two controllers and a cooling fan to help keep your PS5 from overheating, this dock includes 3 USB hub ports for high-speed charging with no extra adapters needed. Plus, there's room to hold up to 14 game CDs for anyone still rocking the physical media.

PS5 Car Steering Wheel – $31.95; originally $69

With Gran Turismo 7 coming soon, this PS5 steering wheel controller is the ultimate way to hit the course. Compatible with all the PS5 racing games, this wheel simulates actual race conditions with four suction cups that can secure the wheel and enhance the realism. 

Prices subject to change.