Los Angeles PD once relied on a parrot for public outreach

"Don't be a nerd, listen to Officer Byrd" was offensive at launch, in addition to being dated today, but never doubt that LAPD knows public relations!

As I recall from my youth in neighboring Santa Monica, we also had an Officer "Byrd." Could there have been multiple parrots enforcing the laws in the LA County? Perhaps the whole Byrd family went into law enforcement?

Once, Officer "Byrd" came to my elementary school to let us know how important it was to have a bicycle license and tag on your bicycle. Those tags are useless except to raise city revenue. At night, in my neighborhood, people slowly drive down the streets and alleys with pickup trucks stealing any bicycle that isn't locked inside. Those tags don't slow anyone down, or get the bike back to you.

Maybe we need a parrot.