One man's search for the exact shade of "Apple Beige"

With the apple ][ in 1977, Apple ushered in a case color that had an outside influence. But what are the exact values of Apple beige? Ben Zotto took a deep dive and found the answer in a bottle of paint.

I came by this relic, a remarkable artifact of the fledgling home computer era. It's a small glass jar filled with an oil-based paint — there's a little brush built into the cap, and the monochromatic label glued to it sports the old Apple Computer Inc logotype and the title "Apple Beige Touch-Up Paint".

This is the green-inflected cool beige of the original Apple II computer cases. Unlike later models, these first Apple cases were manufactured with a sprayed-on paint finish. Scrapes and other abuse could damage the surface. Hence the need for a touch-up paint, a handy item apparently available only to dealers for use on their repair benches.

Image: FozzTexx / Wikimedia