Internet-based chastity belts hijacked by malicious hackers

Oh man. A bluetooth-controlled chastity belt was the recent victim of a hacker attack. The Cellmate Chastity Cage, made by Chinese company Qiui, was designed so that users are able to lock and unlock their sex partner's penis prison remotely. Users caught in the attack were threatened with having their genitals locked in permanently unless they paid a 0.02 bitcoin (about $270) ransom.

There was some forewarning that an attack like this was possible: an article in Pen Test Partners last October noted multiple design flaws that left the system vulnerable to this type of attack.

"The flaws stem from an API used to communicate between the chastity cage and its mobile app. This not only allowed hackers to remotely control the device but also gain access to information, including location data and passwords. Qiui updated the chastity cage's app in June to fix the flaw, but users who have not updated their app are still vulnerable."

– The Verge

Seemingly, most users were able to escape by either updating the app or popping it open with a screwdriver.