It's a lamp that looks like an active thundercloud and you will be utterly transfixed

Even if you aren't usually a contemplative type, there is a power and majesty that washes over you as you watch a cloud roll across the sky. From stringy, wispy cirrus clouds, to serious, storm-bearing nimbus formations, clouds are nature in physical form – and they're deeply hypnotic.

That's probably why this Interactive Cloud Lamp is not only like nothing you've ever seen before, it's also thoroughly entrancing.

At first glance, it really is like you've got a big puffy cumulus cloud floating in your room. Crafted by Richard Clarkson Studio, hoisting up a cloud in one of three sizes from a substantial 1.5 feet across, to a hefty 2.5-foot version, offers a surreal quality to your space…and that's before you even turn it on.

Once the LED lamp inside is triggered…well, this acrylic and hypoallergenic polyester fiber construction serves up the same dazzling light show effect you see during storm season.

As an ambient lamp, it's got a handful of ultra cool settings, all accessible via a handy remote control. It can be set to gently pulse through different portions of the cloud as if it were almost alive – or it can flash angrily as if it's ready to unleash nature's fury. It can be set to illuminate in a natural white light, or you can shake things up as the cloud kaleidoscopes through a rainbow-inspired pattern of colors.

The cloud is also packed with sensors, including a motion sensor to activate when it senses movement, and sound sensors to trigger when noise is detected. The motion and sound also drive the lighting itself, so if you enjoy music, this cloud will give you a different performance for every song. It even changes color by sound frequency, with bass eliciting deep blues and increased treble flashing fiery reds.

Easy to install, this interactive cloud lamp is really unlike anything else you've ever seen. Right now, you can save almost 10% off all three cloud sizes, starting with a $40 savings on the small cloud lamp. That brings your final price down to just $629.99.

Prices subject to change.