The Trova Go+ storage box biometrically protects your valuables

It happens in half the movies we watch. Something about one of the characters is revealed when another character stumbles across their deepest, darkest secret. Maybe it's a piece of jewelry or another symbol of the past. Maybe it's a flash drive full of damning files. Or maybe it's medication or elicit chemicals.

Almost every time, the revelation leaves viewers screaming at the screen. Why, they shout, didn't the hider do a better job concealing this crucial, often life-changing information?

It's sloppy. If you've got a secret – or at least something you want to remain protected at all times – put it somewhere that only you can access. The Trova Go+ is just such a place: a biometric storage box that will open for literally no one else in the world except you.

Anointed as one of the 5 coolest travel gadgets of CES 2020, the Go+ offers the luxury of absolute privacy. Each of these personal portable safes is synced via Bluetooth and accessible only through biometric scanning, found only on the Trova app. Once locked, only your fingerprint or facial ID given through the app will open the Go+.

The interior compartment in the Go+ is about 60% larger than the original Go, at about 6 inches long and just over 2.5 inches wide to keep track of small, yet valuable objects. Magnetic straps and the silicone interior keep items securely in place, while the aluminum alloy shell keeps the Go+ lightweight, yet secure enough to thwart anyone who tries to force their way in.

For travelers, it's a great way to secure jewelry, prescription medication, or anything else that requires discretion, or that you want to assure doesn't go missing.

Meanwhile, added security features will alert you through the app whenever the box is opened, or pinpoint the device's last-used location so you can always keep tabs on its whereabouts.

The Trova Go+ Plus Biometric Storage Box is regularly priced at $219, but if you use the promo code TROVA34 during checkout, you can get one now at $34 off. That drops your final price for this peace-of-mind keeper down to only $185.

Prices subject to change.