Adam Savage nerds out for 8 minutes over a can of vintage tapping fluid

I love the enthusiasm and stories that Adam Savage brings to his work. He is a maker with the soul of a poet. In my weekly tips newsletter, I try and capture this type of story-based passion for the tools and techniques that drive makers. Adam always brings this in spades.

In this video, he extols the virtues of Moly Dee, a tapping fluid from the 1960s. Actually, Adam simply makes the point to use more cooling fluid when doing things like tapping and cutting.

The main purpose of this video is to bliss out over the awesome retro can design for Moly Dee and its overly exuberant product copy, with lines like: "Friction's greatest enemy" and "rich in oiliness" with "an ever-present cushion of lubricity." Moly Dee is the "finest machining assistant yet devised by nature and the skill of man."

Image: YouTube