Duterte backs out of public Covid vaccine, insisting on a private butt shot instead

The Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte said back in August, "When the vaccine arrives, I will have myself injected in public. Experiment on me first, that's fine with me." But that's all changed, now that he's insisting on getting the shot in the buttocks.

From The Daily Beast:

Dr. Tony Leachon, a former adviser to the country's COVID-19 task force, lamented the president's decision, writing on Twitter: "The big challenge is to convince the public to get vaccinated. It's unfortunate Duterte has chosen his buttocks instead of the deltoid area like U.S. [President] Joe Biden… It would be very inspiring!" The doctor also warned: "The central region of the buttocks should be avoided for all injections."

According to Rappler, Duterte's desire for a butt injection marks a change of heart—he said back in August that his preference was to be injected with the Russian vaccine in full view of the public.

With less than one-third of the country willing to get the Covid shot, officials have been trying to convince Duterte to get publicly poked in the arm instead, hoping it would boost confidence in the safety of the vaccine. But he's sticking to his buns, er, guns, and will only take a shot in the ass – in private.

Image by Liz Masoner from Pixabay