The charcoal grill throws almost no smoke, is fully portable in use, and delivers flavorful food

Ask any griller whether they'd rather eat food cooked over charcoal or gas – and it probably won't be much of an argument. For the rich, smoky flavoring alone, most fans of the grilling arts would pick briquette-seared meats, veggies, and more over those cooked under propane any day.

Of course, that doesn't mean charcoal doesn't have its downsides. It usually takes longer to heat up, it can be messy, and the smoke can be enough to send many running back into the house.

The Homping Portable Charcoal Grill addresses a handful of those charcoal grilling detractors, while still retaining the second-to-none taste that comes from firing foods over the popular mineral.

The smoke from charcoal grilling is a dealbreaker for many, but this grill virtually eliminates that problem. The Homping reduces grill smoke by 90 percent, all while using only about 8 charcoal briquettes per hour. It doesn't make the process smokeless, so it does retain that added smokey taste, but it does make all that billowing smoke from a standard grill a thing of the past.

At 14 inches across, the face of the Homping is large enough to accommodate most items you're looking to grill, while remaining more portable than just about any grill you'll ever try. In fact, the Homping is so portable and safe that you can actually pick up and carry this grill while it's fired up.

Between the built-in electric fan that regulates heat control and the safe-touch surfaces, the entire grill won't scald your hands when you pick it up to move it. That portability makes the Homping grill a natural for outdoor adventuring, tailgating, or other off-the-beaten-path cookout locations, and the included carrying case helps users take it virtually anywhere.

Meanwhile, that fan also fans the charcoal itself, which helps intensify the heat and get your coals ready for cooking almost instantly.

Available in bright orange and basic black varieties, the Homping Portable Charcoal Grill is usually priced at $199. But, with the current deal, you can take over 25% off the price of your grill so you get one now for only $145.99.

Prices subject to change.