A company is offering proof of vaccination with a 'Covid passport' for $19.95

A "consumer reporting agency" called CastleBranch is now offering a questionable service that allows people to buy "covid passports" for $19.95. Like an ID card with a QR code, according to Vice, it proves that you've been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

From Vice:

But not everyone's thrilled about the prospect of that kind of documentation.

"I think we might run into problems because there are inequalities to access to this vaccine," Dr. Ida Bergstrom, a Washington, D.C.-based travel precaution doctor. "There's probably going to be some divisiveness on who has these passports and who doesn't." 

As more of the world opens up to tourism and travel, the idea of requiring proof of vaccination to travel has become a hot topic of debate. The World Health Organization, for example, doesn't support the use of what it calls "immunity passports," and privacy experts have their concerns too. But that hasn't stopped businesses and airlines from preparing to release them.

Some cities, like Los Angeles, offer proof of a Covid vaccine that you can upload to your phone – and at least this "Covid passport" is free. If you're going to live in a dystopian society, you shouldn't have to pay for it.

Image by Tmaximumge / pxhere