Conan O'Brien "reviews" Cyberpunk 2077

In this clip from Good Game Nice Try, Conan O'Brien "reviews" Cyberpunk 2077 the day after the game was released in December. He doesn't actually review the game. He is simply shown the cover art and goes off on a hilarious rant about V's Samurai jacket with "terrible" collar.

He also makes fun of the word cyberpunk and talks about how he would simply use the robust character creation system to fix his own freakishly proportioned body ("I have the legs of an NBA center and the torso of a six year old girl").

In the end, Conan says he actually would like to play the game. He's attracted to the world shown in the trailer and he says he enjoys games that allow him to wield weapons and "release the rage which has boiling inside of me since the Kennedy administration."

Image: YouTube