This DevOps training can get you started toward becoming a new development superstar

It's IT development for the 21st century. 

DevOps basically takes a holistic approach to product development, bringing together programmers and operations engineers right from the start of a project's life-cycle. Rather than the usual push-pull that comes when big idea guys run into nuts-and-bolts functionality guys, this process makes sure a finished product forms with implementation and future usage questions are addressed and answered.

Of course, you've gotta know how to make it work. This Dynamic 2021 DevOps Certification Training Bundle gives users those tools, with all the necessary tools to run a DevOps development project the right way.

Across five courses assembled by the online education experts at Certs School, anyone new to the DevOps field can learn all the basics for making that process your own across 25 hours of intensive training. From engineers, to project managers, to developers, this package can help make the transition into your preferred lane a smooth one.

First, the tools and methodologies that drive the practice are on full display in the DevOps Training Certification Course. This is where it all begins, with training to help even a first-timer excel as a DevOps practitioner.

With the GIT Training Certification Training course, users learn the basics of Git, which helps users keep track of program changes throughout your project. This training explains how to set up Git, craft a three-stage workflow, create branches, track files, create repositories, and more.

In CompTIA Cloud Essentials, students set the sights on complete cloud mastery, hone their skills in everything from preventive maintenance and installation to security, troubleshooting, and networking.

Meanwhile, Docker is a contained system for running apps and checking their reliability without impacting other systems. The Docker Certified Associate Training Course gets into all the prime Docker technologies like Docker Compose, DockerHub, Docker Swarm, and Docker Containers.

Finally, in Ansible 2.0 Training Course, learners find out how to increase team productivity and improve business outcomes by mastering the open-source tool, Ansible, used for automating and trusting app processes.

All five courses in The Dynamic 2021 DevOps Certification Training Bundle are 97% off their regular price, now only $59.99.

Prices subject to change.