This skewer set will make you wish it was summer right now

There's a noticeable change in the air after the start of a new year. Sure, there's the optimism of a fresh start, and all the other yadda yadda that greets the calendar change. But, even though it's still the dead of winter, your mind does start projecting into the future a bit more.

Within a few months, the weather will shift. And before too long, it'll be backyard grilling season. And with that powerful moment coming, it's time to pre-game for the big day now.

Skewers are essential barbeque tools, so this set of O-Yaki Skewers should be a fantastic add to the day when the charcoal is heating up and the appetites are building.

At 15.5 inches long, this set of eight stainless steel skewers are conveniently sized to fit most grills. Just load up your meats and veggies, slap 'em across the grill, and soon, you'll be enjoying your meals cooked in one of the most primal forms man has created.

Their sturdy, utilitarian form and function make these skewers brilliantly efficient. From beef, to pork, to chicken, to seafood, your protein stays neatly skewered and remains firmly in position so you can get a smooth, even cook for every morsel.

Their needle design also makes them incredibly easy to clean once your meal is done. Just rinse them or run them through the dishwasher and they're ready for the next round of grilling. The whole set also comes in a helpful storage case so all your skewers remain safely packed together without leaving random sharp needles laying in your kitchen drawers.

Patented in the U.S., O-Yaki takes pride in the quality of their craftsmanship, manufacturing their skewers under strict guidelines in tandem with small, family-owned workshops to maintain a high standard. 

This eight-piece set of O-Yaki 15.5-inch Skewers usually retail for $18, but right now, they're on sale for just $13.99, a savings of over 25%.

Prices subject to change.