Toxic Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene believes in the insanely stupid frazzledrip conspiracy

Frazzledrip is the QAnon of QAnon conspiracies, which is why out-of-wack Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thinks it's true. In short, Frazzledrip is the false story that Hillary Clinton was part of a satanic child murder ritual which was caught on video.

Media Matters uncovered Facebook posts from 2018 in which Greene promoted the lie.

Greene endorsed the conspiracy theory on Facebook in May 2018. She posted a picture of the mother of slain New York Police Department Detective Miosotis Familia with former President Donald Trump. A commenter wrote: "This is the mother of a NYPD officer who watched a horrific video seized on anthony weiners laptop of huma and hillary filleting a childs face. This was another hillary hit." Greene liked that comment and replied: "Yes Familia." She added in another comment: "I post things sometimes to see who knows things. Most the time people don't. I'm glad to see your comment. I've decided it's time to start doing a lot more videos and engage further in the fight. Most people honestly don't know so much. The [mainstream media] disinformation warfare has won for too long!"

From a now-blocked Facebook post

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