Your next job: $3,000 for sleeping is looking to a pay a sleeper who can write reviews of the mattresses they slept on. The mattress reviewing platform is looking for "a real-life Sleeping Beauty".


"To be the right fit for the role you will need to be a self-starter, available to work immediately and independently, have clear writing skills, good evaluation skills and be exceptionally good at sleeping."

"We will send out three mattresses over a two-month period to our Sleeping Beauty and it will be their job to thoroughly test and evaluate each one. Reporting on their sleep quality, mood and the comfort of the mattress in a review format. At the end of the two-month period, they will also be able to select their favorite mattress (worth up to $1,500) to keep on a permanent basis, oh and we'll also pay them $3,000 for their time."

There is one catch. You have to sleep alone. It does not specify about pets in the bed but something tells me that a cat or dog or ferret with you is not exactly considered sleeping alone.

If you want to apply for this, the ultimate of slacker jobs, fill out the application at the bottom of the Sleepjunkie page.