Phone battery explodes after man bites into it [VIDEO]

Store surveillance video captured this wild scene in China: a phone battery exploding after a man bites into it. The clip has gone viral on Chinese social media.

From Storyful:

The man can be seen putting the phone battery into his mouth before it suddenly explodes dangerously close to the woman's face.

A shortened version of the footage went viral on Chinese social media sites two days later, with many commentators asking whether the woman was hurt and wondering if the man had bitten the battery to test its authenticity.

In a January 23 post, the woman addressed these inquiries: "I'm the person involved," she wrote. "…I haven't been disfigured; thanks for your concern. He didn't [bite the battery] because he wanted to test its authenticity; actually my partner just has the habit of putting things into his mouth and nibbling on them. I'm okay, just my bangs were burnt a little bit. My first reaction was 'Are my eyebrows okay?'"

She added that the battery her partner had bitten into wasn't a genuine iPhone battery.