'The Philosopher's War' is a sequel that does the fantastic first novel justice

The Philosopher's War picks up where Tom Miller's The Philosopher's Flight left off, and I read it cover to cover upon discovering I had missed its release.

Miller built a wonderful world in this series debut novel, The Philosopher's Flight, where magic is a science and gets treated like one: with fear and misunderstanding. Women are the prime practitioners of these arts, and having bailed the United States ass out of the Civil War, have been increasingly militarized and completely distrusted.

The first book took place mostly in University and rang like the many 'magic kids in magic school save magic world' kinda novel for a moment but the setting in post Civil War, pre-World War I America and re-envisioning of world history as +magic from that point forward was incredible. The Philosopher's War takes place during World War I.

I was again riveted. I could hardly put this book down while reading it, especially as the action and story are very fast paced.

I await the next installment.

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