This desk riser gives you the multi-level space to work that most risers can't

While makers of desk risers often have their hearts in the right place, they haven't always considered some of the practicalities of standing desk work. Like…if you're standing and staring at a raised computer display on a small riser, do you really want to keep reaching down because the keyboard level only has room for a keyboard?

Thankfully, FlexiSpot thought it through. And with their FlexiSpot M7C Desk Riser, they've actually crafted a standing desk add-on that takes a real-world workflow into account.

Unlike other desk converters that feature a keyboard tray level that's barely big enough for a keyboard or laptop, the FlexiSpot doesn't skimp. This keyboard tray extends the full width of the desk for a spacious three feet of space. If you want to keep a mouse, some papers, or even a cup of coffee closer to where your hands will be positioned, this wide, deep tray level is much appreciated.

Plus, that keyboard tray is even removable, with a quick release, easy one-step attachment and release so you can use or lose the entire level as needed.

That one-of-a-kind, u-shaped design extends through all your work levels, offering both added room and a sturdier, more stable feel than lesser desk riser models. Capable of extending up to nearly two feet high, you can set your work heights at your optimal position so you can enjoy the benefits of staying on your feet and still working comfortably.

Rising and folding vertically in its own footprint, the integrated air technology, including the gas spring hovering system, both help ease the riser up and down smoothly with extra support during transition from sitting to standing for added reliability.

The FlexiSpot M7C Desk Riser with Deep Keyboard Tray retails for $169, but with the current offer, it's on sale at more than 10% off at just $149.99.

Prices subject to change.