This family's house has been vibrating almost nonstop for weeks

A family in Blanchard, Oklahoma are unsurprisingly frustrated that their entire home has been vibrating for weeks. Homeowner Richard Starks recorded a video of a water bottle trembling on his nightstand and even used a seismograph to document the vibrations. It turns out the shaking is caused by a nearby oil drilling operation just 1,200 feet from their property. The challenge is that the oil company, EOG Resources, is apparently operating in total compliance with the law. From KFOR:

"They have the right to get the oil, I want the oil to come from Oklahoma, it's great for the economy, it's great for Oklahoma," Starks said. "At the same point we have some rights to be able to sleep in our house and then we have to find that balance."

According to Starks, their home hasn't suffered any damage. He is an architect and he said in theory the vibrations could cause damage of soil that isn't compacted properly.

"We haven't had any issues with the house settling," Starks said. "I've way over built everything because of what I do."

Starks said he had the corporation commission and sheriff's deputies come check out the property to see if there's any way they can stop the vibrations. He said they are unable to do anything. EOG is operating with a legal permit and within the law regarding noise.

EOG said the drilling site is "temporary" and they plan for it to be around for about one more week.