An LA mortician cries out over COVID corpses

Everyone's favorite "death positive" Goth mortician, Caitlin Doughty, vents her spleen over the overwhelming number of COVID deaths her small LA funeral home and many others have been dealing with this winter. Doughty is not feeling so positive about the lack of organization and facilities for dealing with all of the victims of this lingering tragedy.

In this heart-felt and rage-filled video, she touches on the perceptions of the crisis, the truth of how horrific it is in the trenches, and offers some solid recommendations for what LA (and other cities) can do, like a single number to a central command center that families can call when a loved one dies, have the deceased picked up, fast-tracked death certificate, and no-cost cremation and burial. As she concludes:

"This is like a scene from a disaster movie where a plane flies over and doesn't see you and you realize, oh shit, no one is coming for me!"

Sobering stuff. Don't look away.

Image: Screengrab