This true 1080p projector brings HD-quality video to your wall-sized picture

There's been one common complaint that's often a big reason that has kept most projectors in their conference room presentation niche and not breaking out into a true home entertainment showpiece. For all their claims of crystal clear, even HD-quality pictures, many models just can't quite serve up that 1080p resolution that will make home theater geeks chuck their big screens.

While it's doubtful any projector will ever be able to fully challenge the supremacy of an LED HD-optimized super TV, there are a few that can definitely make users do a double-take…and often, even a triple-take. The Vankyo Performance V600 native LED Projector is just one of those projectors that can virtually do it all – and do it well.

It's an Amazon's Choice selection for a reason, a reason that shines through when users put the V600 right to the ultimate test – firing it up and checking out the picture.

Packed with a native resolution of 1920×1080 and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, that helps the V600 serve up images that are 3 times crisper and more detailed than images from a 720p resolution projector.

While you can't expect that elite level of ultra-vibrant image quality when you dial this projector's picture size all the way up to its maximum 300 inches across, users are still surprised by what the V600 can do. With its intense long-lasting lamps, viewers get remarkable brightness even in well-lit situations, all from a bulb rated to last for over 10 years of daily use.

The V600 is also ready to serve as the hub of your own personal home theater, including a pair of HDMI ports, one with premium audio capabilities, so you can directly plug in your laptop, smartphone, or other streaming device and make it wall-sized. Add in the dual-stereo speakers built right in and it's a complete multimedia projector to handle any presentation task.

Retailing for $249, the Vankyo Performance V600 native LED Projector can now join your video constellation at over 30% off, on sale for only $169.99.

Prices subject to change.