CaptionSaver Pro automatically saves your full Google Meet transcript for the easiest note-taking ever

Now that we're all way too accustomed to remote video meetings, you're probably noticing some alarming patterns, like how some of your co-workers position their cameras in very funky places. Or how people can't seem to get their technical issues in order, then talk all over each other when they do.

If you're experiencing video call fatigue, you aren't alone. In fact, almost 40% of those forced to endure video meetings say they're really, really over it. With the novelty gone, it's easy to zone out in a video meeting – and that might mean some important information gets lost in the haze of your disinterest.

Whether you're having trouble focusing during video meetings or just want to make sure you catch everything that happens, CaptionSaver Pro serves as your automatic notetaker, transcribing everything said in the meeting so you never miss a thing.

CaptionSaver Pro is a Chrome browser extension that works with the live caption transcription abilities of Google Meet so nothing ever gets past you again.

With CaptionSaver Pro, all you have to do is go into your Google Meet meeting as usual. The app automatically turns on the caption option, so a full transcript of your meeting starts appearing on your screen. 

As your meeting progresses, CaptionSaver saves every word uttered right into a handy window in the extension. You can highlight important passages, note exact time stamps, and save selected quotes or even the entire meeting transcript with a single click right to your Google Drive home in the cloud. There's also an option to download the complete text of the meeting as a text document.

Rather than focusing on taking notes during your meeting, you can instead focus on that hideous sweater one of the participants is wearing…or even the substance of what your meeting attendees are actually saying.

With more than 200 upvotes on Product Hunt, you can try out CaptionSaver Pro right now with a lifetime subscription at half off the regular price. For a limited time, it's on sale for just $24.99.

Prices subject to change.